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Random Notes

What To Write?

A story set in the background of a virtual world, perhaps one hundred years from now. Technology has not only taken over our lives but also the entire outlook of lives, and mindsets have been shaped by the perception feds by the technology; Natural and manmade calamities are rising and falling alternately; Politics are paralysed by the sharply divided public opinions, States are wondering who is more dangerous than who, another state or public perception? And a hero tries to set things to rights.

Or a leading character who has a clear-cut stand with a raspy voice against a time of peace and prosperity (or a world that is far from tranquillity) Or something in between? Perhaps a romantic cliche with deafening cheers in chorus, and love is a recurring theme in the novel?

And so on…

Hold on, why would I trace a storm while I am inclined towards a peaceful and harmonious life where a normal and tangible human story could be told in a gentle and mild way? I am not worried about stepping on anyone’s toes; in return, I don’t expect my still shapeless first draft to be baselessly twisted as some kind of interruption to normality, and is put on high guard.

‘Writing a novel is about making scenes come alive with tension and originality.’ If you ring a false alarm because of an ear-splitting hearsay, switch it off.

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