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Random Notes

What To Write?


A story set in the background of a virtual world, perhaps one hundred years from now. Technology has not only taken over our lives but also the entire outlook of lives, and mindsets have been shaped by the perception feds by the technology; Natural and manmade calamities are rising and falling alternately; Politics are paralysed by the sharply divided public opinions, States are wondering who is more dangerous than who, another state or public perception? And a hero tries to set things to rights.


Happy New Year!


Another ring out of the old and call in the new, another transition from past to present, but there is something never out of fashion: fascination by innuendo. 


As usual, it depends on how pleasurable the type one usually is in jumping to conclusions and being cocksure &  impervious to criticism, being opinionated to unfold one’s assumption, and a lot can be inferred from one's limited imagination, regardless if they are totally unrelated or not, because it’s fun to be inspired with a twisted mind to set off an upsurge of storm and in the hope that everyone would trace the storm, or simply to fulfil one’s task as a way of making a living.


A trip of Barbados


As soon as I stepped out of the plane in the middle of night at Bridgetown Grantley Adams airport in Barbados, the heatwave was right on my face, a dim feeling of familiarly tropic climate in another part of the world I had shortly lived with flicked through my mind.  


Oh! Caribbean! An alluring location I had often wondered with my wide-opened eyes whenever I looked at the world map on the TV screen, and listening to the weather forecast host (hostess)’s charming voice with vivid description about the coming weather around the world, and trying to get a glimpse of the Caribbean sea and had never got a clear glance before it had disappeared from the screen.


Brussels Trip


Every author, at some point, would not at all surprisingly deal with writer’s block, and handle it differently. My way is simple, instead of puzzling it over, I would leave the pen and paper and get out of the house to do something completely different.


This time, I chose to go for a flying visit to somewhere where the manuscript I was writing would be briefly and indirectly connected, but the place left me with a vague recollection after two decades visit, so, a three-day and two-night trip to Brussels was swiftly arranged almost as soon as the impromptu idea emerged, through the Eurostar city break package.


A lazy Sunday to leisurely write some random notes.


As a writer, nothing is more serious than letting your readers unwittingly be devoured by the vividly words of revealing the true colour of the fierce marketplace on the article - the Post (Random Note).


They don’t expect you to resist but choke with silent fury, or with an inability to express your feelings and thoughts when you find out that you...


Almost a week since I have come back to London from LA Times Festival of Books events, and my body- clock in adjusting the befuddled time zone shift is finally over. 


The ten-day trip was supposed to be business related holiday. However, it turned out to be a more pleasantly short city-break than falling hopelessly under the spell of aloof writers - newcomers or writing/ publishing establishments alike. Still, the stirring scene of books being displayed on more than two hundred booths in...


A wonderous 1st April in London – weather wise. The frigid air mixed with snow intervals in the between that dropped the temperature close to zero, was pole apart from the previous few days of comfortable twenty degrees. And today, the gentle spring breeze caressed the chilly air brought out the congenial freshness, firmly reminding me that, however elusive the weather maybe, it is the beginning of April, the third lunar month in spring after all. 


A time of frustration in waiting for the clarity of the publishing date of my book ‘Song of Youth’, which was supposed to be an affair of swiftness after the final approval agreement of the interior design and cover-page design. It was said to be expected to be published on time for the LA Times Festival Book Event of 23-24 April 2022 when I was approached by their invitation to attend the book event. 


But, barely four weeks away from the event and apparently, with the best will in the world, the come-out date of the publication has yet to be decided.

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