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Life After School: In the final analysis, a comprehensive ability to prepare yourself for the eventuality matters

It is true that the course people took in college does not always assure success, and more often, it’s irrelevant in their occupations. However, nothing has happened purely through coincidence.

Alice Nash, the author of the two upcoming serial novels ‘Colour of Mind’ and ‘Colour of Air’, tells about Kathy Liao's career hunting experience and how it has unfolded surprisingly. A serial thing is happening through unforeseen circumstance that appearing unrelated, any stage that could finish her career, yet she has carried on her sailing boat thanks for the abnormal phenomena that accompanies her all way through.

In a sense, Alice Nash’s intelligent portrayal of Kathy Liao identity connects with us on a deeper level, when things do not go as they apply, a door is closed, there is a window opening. Good fortune lies within bad. Bad fortune lurks within good. It truly brings a sense of illuminating remarks that no matter how will go according to the plan, despite the beneficial effects of a textbook, one can never deny that it limits one to see the life behind the covers.

Overall, Alice Nash has done an excellent job to indicate this certain message: The planning lies with Man; the outcome with Heaven, enjoy the journey not indiscriminately seek the aim, especially if the tragic aim is made through an ill-prepared and be opinionated and stewed in one’s own juice all the way along.

Life after school, what matters is a comprehensive ability to prepare for the eventuality with a precisely emergency measure through a long path, be humble not be shallow, could be a key attitude to the outcome of what you wish for. 

Life is what we make it: 'Colour of Mind'

Our dear author Alice Nash grew up in Sichuan, China, a part of the country with much connection of nature. She holds a MA in Diplomatic Studies and has been running her property business since 2000. In the past when she lived in China, she worked as a journalist and a public relations officer for a multinational corporation.

Looking back, it was her hometown in Sichuan that she first shared the joy of having green hills and clear water naturally within her surroundings. Coming from this happy place of greens and blue, she admired the nature and developed her likelihood for sport and literature. Beside reading, Alice Nash also developed a hobby with music ranging from jazz to country and mostly, classical music.

With her life background and upbringing, she has been natural appreciative of predigital age where the way of life that was a world apart from the digital era where technology has taken over our lives. People used to, or had to, properly read books rather than shouting a glance at the headline of the screen with a flicker of wonder without bothering in getting to know the rest of the content. However, she fully acknowledges that digital era has involved in most aspects of our lives, to such extent that there probably more devices connecting to internet than there are humans, which brings all kind of information in our fingertips, transferring our ability in communications, and making life much earlier. On other hand, the fact that the fast paced and shallow digital exchange creating a more divided society and has bought shorter attention span among the new generation. One of her believe is that the educational system should cherish the traditional reading towards the encouragement of the youth to spend more time in proper readings, be it is paperback book or e-Books.

As someone who likes to be one with nature, she takes inspiration from ordinary scenes rather than deliberately or actively seeking it. When asked in her interview: How do you handle writer’s block? She said: ‘Switch off from the writing, leave the table and get out of the house, do something completely irrelevant.’

Indeed, a beautiful person with a pleasant personality like our author Alice Nash has so much in store for us. In her exhilarating book ‘Colour of Mind’, she masterpieces revolving around individual lives and the choices presenting along the way or the lack thereof. She has already published her first book titled ‘Sound of Ripples’ in 2014. Now let’s witness and follow the life of Kathy, Liao, 27 years old professional, in her two-week holiday trip to Haikou, how the ups and downs of her journey, both professional and career, has been unfolding. 

This is an interesting work containing some historical facts and experiences from the past. It will bring us back to late 1980s when the Chinese Economic Reform was in full swing. Let us look at how the young individual were drawn into the ‘Hainan Heat’ to seek greener pastures in the largest Special Economic Reform, enjoying this thrill-filled work of how unpredictable life can be in the unprecedented opportunity of the free economic market.

When writers write, they use their vast imagination and their mind’s creativity to bring out a great story of book. They aim to touch the heart of every reader, making their book the hero that changes the life of the one who read it. But not all books can turn into a hero. Only a few good books have stories that inspire, just like The Sound of Ripples by Alice Nash.

While many conspiracy theories tell that the virus, Covid-19, is a human-made disease, we can’t help but notice how a single invention can almost doom the whole of humanity. In addition to this, there are colossal havoc that happened, happens, and will happen simply because of a trivial mistake, accidental or not. However, wherever the virus came from, it only tells us one thing: be mindful of your actions. Analyzing how this disease spreads throughout the world, only portrays how insensitive those who are carriers of the virus can roam around still as if they...

We always find balance in life. It’s normal if you hear someone saying they don’t want to be ultimately happy in a particular moment because they feel that there’s unforeseen trouble coming.

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