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Alice grew up in Sichuan, Southwest China, where the green hills and clear water formed the picturesque scenery that ensured my love for nature could be traced back to her childhood, and the matching zones of love were literature, work-out and music.

She had a Party and Government Management diploma at the Chinese TV University in 1987, in which Polities, Literature, Management and History were compulsory subjects. 


She had a MA in Diplomatic Studies at University of Westminster in London in 1994, and Alice has been living in London since Autumn 1990.


As the first generation of immigrants to the United Kingdom from China, Alice wants to tell her son, who was born in London, and her descendants that her departure from China was directly linked with a piece of Chinese economic history - the growing vigour of Hainan Heat in the late 1980s while the Chinese Economic Reform was in full swing. She wants her descendants to know that there is a deep connection between them as British and China, to show them the greatness of her motherland to them and wants them to be fully aware of their Chinese heritage.

Careers & Hobbies

The Jobs of the last three years before I had left China for UK were: a journalist for a newspaper, a PR for a multinational corporation, both in Haikou, the capital of the most South province of China: Hainan. 


I hold a MA degree in Diplomatic Studies. I have been running my small property business since 2000.


Hobbies: reading, used to like world classic big novels in my schooldays, such as: War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice, Gone With the Wind, Dreams of Red Mansions, Shakespeare's  novels... Now, as time gone by and the world evokes, taken over by the high-tech, state-of - the - art - technology of digitalisation and we all couldn't help foll the watchword of the time, my read has slimmed to quick and causal browsing online, and down to headlines. I appreciate my schooldays where the computer didn't exist so we had to absorb the spiritual and mental nourishment by massive reading which has laid down the groundwork of art and literature that we had taken into our brains and hearts.


I view Influences either as simple as one strike a responsiveness of chord to a conception, or as sophisticated as a complex interaction between different minds that are forever changing and differ in a thousand and one years, yet are bound together by either countless ties or the conception being extremely rare struck sympathetic response by apparently irrelevant mind, so rare that it as if a chance of lifetime. Human minds are so subtle that you never know where and how a voice / concept can hit which nerve of your countless nerves among the nervous system. 


I'm not aware I have any influence on anyone, and I'm hardly influenced by others. As such, once it does, I'd certainly appreciate it, and value it, be it influencing or be influenced.

Ideas you wish to contribute to the social community today

Although the interest and impact of social community on the contemporary digital age have been phenomenally upsurge to a degree that every one on the earth seems to belong to one social community or experiencing on the multiple scales, I myself has somewhat largely dissociated from the mass collective, by choice as well as by no choice, it has shaped the way it is. Without being prejudice to judge its merits and demerits, I'm used to stay out of the changing phenomenon of social community, but dimly realise that no one can actually escape from the impact of the phenomenon, not even a self-regeard outsider, who carrys on no sense of dependence of social community to sustain or provide solicitude as the insider would, could escape from being put under the high power of microscope by the invisible forces of social network.


As the result, the definition of 'social community' seems to be elusive to me due to the fact that I have not been inside of it, not experiencing or knowing the way of its operations, something one can feel but can't tell, like the wind, you can feel but can't see or trace. So it has formed my attitude towards the unfamiliar phenomenon: if one couldn't afford to offend, one could at least to hide, turning a blind eye.


Now, to answer the given subject, I, first time, paying my full attention, trying to find out the precise definition of 'social community' to be able to look at it objectively. After I have run through a quick studies, I find it's a fascinating subject. I hope to grab some inspiration and see how my thoughts are about 'ideas to contribute to the social community today.' and try to send it out to you by tomorrow.


If it sounds like making a fuss about something trivial, or making a mountain out of a molehill, please bear with me, as I need to make up a missed lesson that is probably as natural as breathing to you.


I've quickly through some relevant information about social community and I have to admit that it has broadened my horizons. And as someone who tends to make a hurried visit once online, I must take off my hat to the millions of the enthusiastic participates of social community who are motivated to demonstrate their position of the 'bleeding edge of digit' by eagerly sharing their voices and visions, values, like and dislikes with others, which is rather challenging to me.


But they are the ones who are walking on the front line of digital age to make things happen, so deserve to be credited.


As a layman of both technology and social community myself, what I'm about to say is merely a superficial opinions, if only could be seen as a touchstone for possible debate

It always interests me how others see a story reflects what, sometimes, it could be poles apart from its original meaning.

Facetune 7.jpg

As the author, I don't want influence the readers, everyone is entitled to have their opinion on a story. In a world that diverse powers coming across, people fascinating in capabilities, economic or military powers and so on, but I believe that Samantha's story reflects a simple yet being long underestimated power, a power of innocence.

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