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Random Notes

A time of frustration in waiting for the clarity of the publishing date of my book ‘Song of Youth’, which was supposed to be an affair of swiftness after the final approval agreement of the interior design and cover-page design. It was said to be expected to be published on time for the LA Times Festival Book Event of 23-24 April 2022 when I was approached by their invitation to attend the book event. 


But, barely four weeks away from the event and apparently, with the best will in the world, the come-out date of the publication has yet to be decided.


Publication is a complicated business with so many segments of the process that linked one another - some of them are outside the publisher’s scope – and any link of them in slight delay would affect the whole course of the publication, so much so that it seems the possibility of taking part in the LA Times book event 2022 can’t have been foreseen. 


As the author, I have been told by the publisher that they are working on it with full fervour but without guarantee of the publishing date, and I appreciate and understand   their wonderful work but no authority to call the shots of the date of the publication. 


Oh! How I want to focus on my writing of a new manuscript with missionary zeal, but I somewhat dislike the idea of writing without a sense of concentration; How I want to stroll in the crowded central London, in perfect harmony with the midst of whirl and stream of humanity, blithely wondering why the value of the property in London seems to be the higher building the lower the price, and, like someone said, the lower the moral…But I am supposed to carry on writing, not strolling… 


Here I am, sitting in a sulky silence with burning frustration and keep reminding myself not to be impatient and impudent, whichever direction the wind blows…

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