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Random Notes

Happy New Year!

Another ring out of the old and call in the new, another transition from past to present, but there is something never out of fashion: fascination by innuendo.

As usual, it depends on how pleasurable the type one usually is in jumping to conclusions and being cocksure &  impervious to criticism, being opinionated to unfold one’s assumption, and a lot can be inferred from one's limited imagination, regardless if they are totally unrelated or not, because it’s fun to be inspired with a twisted mind to set off an upsurge of storm and in the hope that everyone would trace the storm, or simply to fulfil one’s task as a way of making a living.

Am I talking fiction? May well be. I’m looking for some inspiration for the characters in my novel too. Sounds like there is an air of rarefield creativity? Well, if I don’t know the basic game rules of scrabble, or if I don’t remember the very basic vocabularies of the cloth, such as collar, caff, it may well be I tend to ignore, or release the unimportant information from my mind rather than collect them all and put into my memory, just like I always delete my text messages or any dialogues from my mobile phone, I don’t need to keep the records. After all, I have the dictionaries, a normal brain, together forming my AI. As long as it is productive, it works for me.

And the best part is that I don’t need to closely follow anybody in order to get weird inspiration, to injure anyone by jumping on the bandwagon or by spreading false stories till it is grossly distorted.

From that point of view, I do not decline to take my AI as highbrow backing.

Happy new Year everyone!

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