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Random Notes

Almost a week since I have come back to London from LA Times Festival of Books events, and my body- clock in adjusting the befuddled time zone shift is finally over. 


The ten-day trip was supposed to be business related holiday. However, it turned out to be a more pleasantly short city-break than falling hopelessly under the spell of aloof writers - newcomers or writing/ publishing establishments alike. Still, the stirring scene of books being displayed on more than two hundred booths in open spaces of USC and the stream of people attending the events formed a buoyant excitement that quickly made the events attractive and popular in the wonderful April sunshine remains fresh in my mind. 


Who said, ‘Nothing in the world is impossible for one who sets their mind on it?’ It’s only in the fiction. In reality, there are power- fixers in any profession who surmising the purpose and reading the mind of the related powers in order to engage in mutually flattery, and so as to either boost each other’s relevance or importance, or to be on one’s last legs, was a natural quality of being the power fixers. Anything else was less relevant.


Not to mention those who were keeping up appearance in offering chaff for grains in the publishing business. But guess what? The best out of the unpleasantness was that it effectively stopped the kind of thing I had reluctantly in acquainting myself with the actual state of affairs, something that was kind of halfway house between non- belief and absolutely proof, and now it was all clear in a glance. What priceless relief!


As such, the rest of the holiday I switched my attention to sightseeing of LA, and the pleasure of being surrounded by the friendlies of citizens of LA, whose spiritual values and warmly hospitality was the real reflection of a highly civilised society and it took my breath away, and it’s what will be reminded in my mind. — feeling happy.

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