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Random Notes

A wonderous 1st April in London – weather wise. The frigid air mixed with snow intervals in the between that dropped the temperature close to zero, was pole apart from the previous few days of comfortable twenty degrees. And today, the gentle spring breeze caressed the chilly air brought out the congenial freshness, firmly reminding me that, however elusive the weather maybe, it is the beginning of April, the third lunar month in spring after all. 


Regardless how eagerly we human tend to idealise each season with lavish praise in glowing terms, the fact that the beauty of the weather is the phenomenon of its change, without it the world would be boring, it’s as similar as the chop and change human mind, a healthy reflection of unsureness towards a fast-changing outside world. And the ways of dealing with the unpredictability of weather, life and nature are diverse. 


As for someone as simple as myself, who has never been a fan of following crowds, I tend to deal with the kaleidoscopic world simply by staying out of it in order to avoid getting drawn back into the boisterous games. As for the changeable weather, I tend to appreciate the beauty of its abnormality, as each change has its merits, just remember to pragmatically check the temperature of the day on Google before leaving for the routinely morning working-out at the leisure centre, use some common sense of wearing the appropriate clothes. This simple way provides me with the proof against any sharp weapons of the abnormality, avoid being wise after events in the face of the kaleidoscopic weather.    

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